What is EDIS?

Do you want to target cost-effective improvements in building energy performance?


Fuel poverty, poor-quality housing and inequality of access to the energy market by vulnerable households are growing problems. Traditionally these problems have fallen on local authorities, but, increasingly, energy companies are also becoming impacted because of the obligations placed on them by government to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

For both of these groups, there is a need to identify domestic and commercial buildings for investment as efficiently as possible.  This requires them to make better use of the data they hold than they have done in the past.

Such is the national concern over the need for better energy data management that Innovate UK set the challenge of developing a heat and power data management platform.  

Meeting this challenge requires two distinct areas of innovation.  

  • To develop the data platform.
  • To overcome the barriers to the use of sensitive data, especially where several data owners are involved.

Our Energy Data Integration System (EDIS) provides the solution.

EDIS in action


EDIS is a data analysis tool, which has been developed by Ricardo Energy & Environment to address the challenge set by Innovate UK.

EDIS uses our new Energy Signature Analysis Method (ESAMTM) to maximise the value of energy data as a means of targeting any required intervention.  It does this, not by modelling, but by using a novel diagnostic analytical approach allied to an innovative way of accessing data that meets the needs of data controllers within data protection legislation.

This enables local authorities and energy companies to identify investment opportunities to improve energy efficiency in buildings.  It also allows collaborative working between local authorities and energy companies to produce higher value outcomes in a way that does not compromise data protection.

EDIS can also add value to landlords, such as responsible social housing landlords, and retail chains by targeting investment decisions to deliver the highest value outcomes.


To see how EDIS works in practice, please click here